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100% Quality Guaranteed
2800 Sweetwater, A108
Lake Havasu AZ 86406

U.S. Marine Retired Owned & Operated

Why You Should Embroider Your Next Design

Embroidery is one of two popular techniques commonly used to brand apparel. The other is screen printing. On paper, it is more beneficial to use embroidery as opposed to screen print. It is mostly because of three reasons:

Embroidered designs typically last longer. You see, the process of embroidery involves the use of thread to sew a design onto fabric or to create a custom patch that is then sewn onto the apparel. It lasts longer than screen printing and is, therefore, a more durable solution.

Embroidered garments can be washed/laundered. There is no risk of fading or washing out as the designs are made from colored thread, not just color. It makes it easier to maintain them because they can be cleaned or laundered as usual.

Apparel can be embroidered using a wide range of threads. There are several color options to choose from, and this means that you can get your design to look exactly how you want.

Embroidery is suitable for large-scale orders. Today, most embroidery projects are handled by machines, which work faster and with far more accuracy than human hands.

Why is it essential to have embroidered outfits, especially to a business or team? Here are some of the reasons why you should look into getting custom embroidery.

First Impressions

At the workplace, embroidered apparel make the employees look sharp. It is necessary for creating an excellent first impression when prospective clients walk in.

Brand Awareness

Embroidered apparel can be used to spread brand awareness. Embroidering your brand and copy on items like shirts and hats, then distributing them throughout the company will help increase awareness.

Contact Information

You can take advantage of embroidery by using it to print out your company’s contact information. This way, it is easier for customers to reach you.

Employee Identification

At a store, restaurant, bar, or other public establishments, embroidered outfits can be used to distinguish employees from the patrons. It will be easier for your customers to get service when they know who to talk to.

Enhance Teamwork

Embroidered designs are useful for teams because they make it easier for the members to identify each other while on the field. It improves their teamwork.

Event Organization

At events, embroidered designs can be used to identify event organizers, ushers, as well as the guest of honor, making it easier for attendees to know who’s who.

Sense of Identity

Sports club and teams get a greater sense of identity when they wear outfits with the same embroidered designs. Not only does this enhance teamwork, but it also makes the team or club look more professional.

Product Promotion

Embroidered designs can be used to promote products and services. Wearing apparel with custom embroideries for the product helps to advertise it.

Professional Appearance

Whether at work, on the field, or during events, embroidered outfits make workmates and team members look more professional. It also promotes employee togetherness.

Custom embroidery is vital because people will respond to visual cues faster. When it comes to embroidery Temecula has a great resource for you to get your project done. Rather than struggle to make an impact on your customers, fans, or at the next social event, order your custom embroidered designs from T&D designs and stand out in style.

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