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100% Quality Guaranteed
2800 Sweetwater, A108
Lake Havasu AZ 86406

U.S. Marine Retired Owned & Operated

How To Create Awesome Custom Hoodies

Imagine wrapping yourself in a soft, comfy, warm, classy, unique custom hoodie for that chilly time of the year. Well, this is a feeling that can quickly come to life with a little help from the T&D Designs.

T&D Designs is an established company in Murrieta, CA. A veteran-owned business established in the year 2005 by Tim and his wife, Dani. Serving all of the San Diego, Riverside counties, and Orange, we are known to offer a range of services from promotional items, screen printing, embroidery, and any other personalized request you would have.

T&D Designs is also known for loyalty, commitment to work, talent, passion, community involvement, and an expeditious turn-around period for services. We are well equipped with fully functioning and up to date equipment. These make us highly recommended as custom service providers in their region, especially the marine community.

People choose to customize their items for several reasons;

•If you are customizing for an organization or an institution, then it helps you charge more, making it an added source of income for the brand.
•It makes items, especially luxury items, more attractive as the client feels that they associate with a brand with a class.
•It puts your brand out there, creating curiosity, therefore, acting as a marketing strategy.
•It shows that you belong or stand in solidarity with the item you are advertising on the hoodie.

For every item that you would want to be customized, there are certain things you are required to know before making a choice. Take the example of a hoodie. Hoodies come in a variety of materials, brands, sizes, and colors. And for every one of these, a choice has to be made before customizing. These choices range from the colors to use for customizing, do you need it embroidered or screen printed? How fast do you need the item? And so on.

When customizing a hoodie, it is also essential to;

1. Please keep it simple.
Overcomplicating the message or the writings only draws people away from your hoodie. It loses its appeal and becomes just another hoodie.

2. Make it classy.
Let the message on the hoodie represent a class. People love to be associated with items that present a certain level of class in society, and so should your clothes. Avoid mediocre messages.

This can be done in different styles, such as using italics or block letters, using custom logos, or even personal images.

3. Make it you
Let the customized hoodie represent you. Transparently express yourself by showing your interests in a simple yet classy way.

When it comes to hoodies, you don’t just put the message anywhere. There are strategic places where the designs can be set for more effectiveness.

These are:

•The full front in size 12 by 10.
•The front pocket in size 5 by 3.
•The full-back in size 12 by 4.
•The lower back in the size 12 by 4.
•The left chest in size 4 by 4.
•The left wrist in size 4 by 3.

All the above can be done at a realistic price at the T&D Designs with a guarantee in quality.

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